A Lighter Moment

This page allows for the sharing of clean, Christian jokes.


Money Worries

One day a $100 dollar bill and a $1 dollar bill were talking. So the $1 dollar bill pointed out to the $100 dollar bill that he had not seen him for a while.  The $100 dollar bill replied that its because he has been travelling all over the world to numerous expensive places.  He had been to beautiful restaurants, awesome cruises, expensive boutiques, huge casinos, rowdy bars and great airports.  

Mr. $100 dollar bill then returned the question, indicating that he had not seen Mr. $1 dollar bill at any of these places.  Mr $1 dollar bill then replied, "I have been up and down to numerous churches...Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Pentecostal Church and many Adventist Churches.  The $100 dollar bill, with a confused look on his face, asked, "What's a Church?"

Moral: We need to bring Mr. $100 dollar bill to Church and leave him there.


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